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  • CND Additives - Green Gold Sparkle .25 oz.


CND Additives - Green Gold Sparkle .25 oz.

Cosmetic grade Pigments and Effects that can be mixed into any sculpting powder or gel, or layered over CND Shellac™.



Customize nail enhancement services by adding color, luster, shine and shimmer.



Mix into sculpting powder or Brisa gel to customize color, match or neutralize skin tone. Layer with CND Shellac, accessorize with bold colors and unique finishes for ultimate nail artistry.



Pigments: Luxurious color in its purest form.

Pigment Effects: Luminous, dramatic colors with a hint of shimmer.

Effects: Translucent, lustrous sparkles.





Liquid & Powder

Add a small amount of sculpting powder to a jar. Add a “dash” of Additives.* Cap the jar and shake to blend thoroughly. As an option, use a mortar and pestle to prevent spotting or color flecks. Press the pigments against the side of the jar to pulverize the color and disperse it into the powder. Repeat until thoroughly blended.


Add a small amount of gel to a mixing tray or jar and add a “dash” of Additives.* Gently stir together using a spatula or an orangewood stick until thoroughly mixed. Use a slow, steady motion to avoid creating bubbles.

CND Shellac

Dip a dry brush into Additives. Lightly apply to the cured sticky inhibition layer of Shellac. Apply Shellac Top Coat to seal and protect the design, and cure for two minutes. Never blend Additives directly into Shellac as it will alter the Shellac formula and affect the cure and wear. Never mix more than 30% or 1 part Additives to any powder or gel blend.


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CND Additives - Green Gold Sparkle .25 oz.

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