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Dashing Diva French Wrap Plus - Double Wide - Thick Fuchsia 140tips

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Dashing Diva - French Wrap Plus

140 Tips (14 Sizes)
Perfect French Manicure Every Time
French Wrap protects natural nails from breaking
French decoration will not chip or fade
Through patented technology, French Wrap and French Wrap Plus are the first line of products to give natural nails a perfect French manicure (or pedicure) that lasts up to weeks at a time.  
Simple application. Easy removal. Perfect smile lines, every time.  Now all professionals can achieve consistent, non-chipping, long-lasting flawless French color.


French Wrap is easily applied over fingernails and is optimal for toenails. With a slightly squarish shape, and band thickness between French Wrap Plus Thin and Thick bands, no housing applicator makes the French band simple to spread and provides flawless results. 


French Wrap Manicure
Products Needed
French Wrap Plus • Base Seal • Top Seal • Brush-On Glue
100/180-Grit White File • 150/240-Grit Pink Sponge File
1. Clean and prep nails. Treat cuticles. Dry cuticle prep is recommended. Shape natural nails using White File.
2. Size French Wrap Plus. Select the proper size for all 10 nails. French color should fully cover free edge and be flush with sidewalls.
3. Buff free edge. Lightly buff free edge with 240-grit side of Pink Sponge File. Use a dry lint-free wipe to remove all dust and filings from natural nail plate.
4. Apply Brush-On Glue. Brush adhesive onto side corners of natural nail free edge and onto entire band of French color inside French Wrap Plus housing applicator. 
5. Apply French Wrap Plus. Place French Wrap Plus onto free edge as you did when sizing in Step 2. Make sure French color is aligned flush with free edge. Avoid any overhang of French color.
6. Hold and press out to set. Holding French Wrap Plus in place, press from the center of the housing applicator out to the sides of the applicator to help with adhesion. Repeat pressing out motion 2-3 times.
7. Clip housing applicator. Use nail clipper to clip application tab at raised circle to release housing applicator from French color.
8. Wipe away excess adhesive. Carefully wipe away excess Brush-On Glue with a dry lint-free wipe before adhesive dries.
9. Shape free edge. File French color band to align with free edge using the White File. There should be no overhang of French color.  This product should not be used as an extension.
10. Buff French color. Lightly buff over French color with the 240-grit side of Pink Sponge File. Use a dry lint-free wipe to remove all dust and filings from natural nail plate.
11. Apply 1 coat of Base Seal. Let dry 2-3 minutes.
12. Apply 2 coats of Top Seal.
Application Option:
For a warm pink finish onnail beds, apply a sheer pink french manicure polish in a sideways manner up to start of French color after the Base Seal fully dries, approximately 5-10 minutes. 
Finish with 2 coats of Top Seal.
Products Needed
Pure acetone • Cotton ball
1. Remove product. Rub nails gently with cotton ball soaked with pure acetone.
2. Nourish cuticles and nails. Wash hands and apply Cuticle Nectar to nails and cuticles
French Wrap Plus
Follow steps 1-10 for French Wrap Manicure
11. Cleanse: Remove dust and cleanase entire nail surface using 90% alcohol.
12. Apply Gelife Base Gel. Apply one generous coat of Gelife Polish-On Base Gel and cure for 2 minutes in a 36-watt UV lamp or 30 seconds in a 24-watt LED lamp.
13. Apply Gelife Top Gel. Apply 1-2 coats of Gelife Polish-On Top Gel, curing each layer for either 2 minutes in a 36-watt UV lamp or 30 seconds in a 24-watt LED lamp.
14. Cleanse surface. Wipe away tacky residue witha lint-free wipe saturated with 90% alcohol.
15. Apply Cuticle Nectar. Apply Dashing Diva Cuticle Nectar and massage into cuticle area to finish. 
Application Option:
If a colored gel polish is desired for the nail bed, cleanse Base Gelife with 90% alcohol and then apply desired colored gel and cure. Cleanse any gel polish that may run onto the Fren Wrap color band with a clean gel brush dipped in 90% alcohol. 
Products Needed
Pure acetone • Cotton ball
1. File Surface. Etch gel nail surface with a 100grit file to expedite removal of gel.
2. Protect cuticle area. Apply Cuticle Nectar to cuticle area and surroudning skin to protect and nourish during removal process.
3. Wrap Nails. Saturate a cotton ball with acetone and place over each nail. Securely wrap each finger in a foil square.
4. Remove Product. After 10 minutes, unwrap nails and check teh removal process. Gently push any loosened product off with a cuticle stick. Be careful not to use excessive pressure. 
5. Buff surface. Buff nail surface with a Pink Sponge File to remove any remaining residue on the nail surface.
6. Nourish Cuticles and nails. Wash hands and apply Cuticle Nectar to nails and cuticles.


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