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IBD Gel Bonder - PowerBond - 5oz


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IBD Gel Bonder - PowerBond


New from ibd, PowerBond, a gel adhesive that promotes maximum adhesion for clients with problematic nails.

PowerBond can be used on all types of ibd gels; traditional UV gels, traditional soak off gels,and gel polish. Apply and let air dry prior to gel application.



• Ensure nail plate is thoroughly cleansed and prepared.

• Dip brush into bottle; press against the edge of the bottle to drain. Avoid touching brush to table towel.

• Apply a thorough and even coat to one nail, re-dipping brush between nails to assure proper adhesion.

• Apply onto the nail plate up to the cuticle area. Avoid touching the skin or flooding the eponychium and sidewall areas.

• Apply to all five fingers of one hand, cure for 10 seconds in the CND UV Lamp and proceed with product application.

• Do not apply Brisa Bond to tips or existing product.

• Periodically check Brisa Bond to ensure there are no contaminants in the bottle that could impede adhesion.

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