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Dashing Diva No Blend Tip - White

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Dashing Diva No Blend Tip


A no-blend tip means minimized risk of damage to natural nail bed.
Strong but flexible nail construction provides the most comfortable fit and secure wear.
Clear adhesion area allows for adjustable smile line placement to avoid shortened look of nail beds. Compatible with all overlay systems. Minimizing dust and risk of damage to natural nail bed attracts clients seeking more health-conscious services


Products Needed 
Metallic Nails • Tailor Bond • 150/240-Grit Pink Sponge File
Skin Guard • Swipies • Cuticle Nectar
1. Clean and prep nails. Treat cuticles. Dry cuticle prep is recommended. Trim and shape natural nails.
2. Size Metallic Nails. Select the proper size for all 10 nails. Metallic Nails should completely wrap the nail plate from sidewall to sidewall.
3. Buff natural nails. Gently remove shine from natural nails using the 240-grit side of the Pink Sponge File. Use a dry lint-free wipe to remove all dust and filings from natural nail plate.
4. Apply Skin Guard. Use a Swipie to apply Skin Guard to the hyponychium to protect it from adhesive.
5. Apply Tailor Bond to natural nail. Brush a generous amount of high quality, thick-viscosity flexible adhesive, like Dashing Diva Tailor Bond, to the natural nail plate. Keep 1/16" away from the cuticle and skin.
6. Apply Tailor Bond to Metallic Nail. “Pool” a generous amount of Tailor Bond on approximately 1/3 to 1/2 of the underside of the Metallic nail, starting at the rounded cuticle edge. For clients with uneven or concave nail beds, Dashing Diva Fast Bond adhesive may be applied inside the Metallic Nail only, in place of Tailor Bond. Do not apply Fast Bond directly on natural nail.
7. Apply Metallic Nail. Rest Metallic Nail at 45˚ angle against cuticle edge, slowly lowering it onto the nail bed toward the free edge.  Tailor Bond will flow forward, forming a layer of adhesive to seal the natural nail to the Metallic Nail.
8. Hold to set. With light pressure, hold Metallic Nail in place for approximately 10-15 seconds.
9. Wipe away excess adhesive. Carefully wipe away excess Tailor Bond from skin with a Swipie and Skin Guard before adhesive dries.
10. Repeat process. Repeat adhesive and Metallic Nail application process for remaining nails.
11. Apply Cuticle Nectar. Massage Cuticle Nectar into cuticles and nail beds.
• If Metallic Nails are trimmed and shaped after application, a thin-viscosity flexible adhesive like Dashing Diva Brush-On Glue should be used to seal the free edge of the Metallic Nail.  
• If using a top coat to finish the application, apply top coat to sample nail and let dry to test potential product effect on metallic finish.
Products Needed
Pure acetone • Cuticle Nectar • 100/150-Grit Brown File 
150/240-Grit Pink Sponge File • Manicure stick 
1. Trim Metallic Nails. If Metallic Nails are long, trim them with nail clippers. 
2. Remove top layer. Use the 100-grit side of the Brown File to remove the top layer of Metallic Nails. Avoid filing any new nail growth or surrounding skin.
3. Apply Cuticle Nectar. Massage Cuticle Nectar into the cuticles and surrounding skin to protect them from the acetone.
4. Soak nails in 100% acetone. Soak nails for 10-20 minutes till product softens. To accelerate removal, warm acetone by placing the bowl of acetone within a bowl of warm water, making sure water level is low enough so it will not flow into the acetone bowl.
Cover hands with a towel. Only use bowls safe for acetone. Do not use boiled or heated water that could burn skin. Never place acetone in microwave.
5. Remove released product. Gently push away softened product with a cuticle pusher or manicure stick. Do not force product off of nail. Repeat soaking and pushing as needed.
6. Buff away residue. If needed, gently buff nails with the 240-grit side of the Pink Sponge File (or higher grit file) to remove residue.
7. Nourish nails and cuticles. Wash hands and apply oil/cream to restore natural pH balance to hands and nails.


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