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Cettua - Anti-Redness Facial Mask - 12 Sheets With Display Box

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* Cettua - Anti-Redness Facial Mask:
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Cettua - Anti-Redness Facial Mask

12 sheets

5 herbal complex provide anti-irritant and Anti-redness to sensitive skin.
It revitalizes the skin that in sensitive to external factors.

Houttuynia cordite extract helps to get the redness out of the skin. 

High-moisturizing essence is for a clear and well moisturized skin.

Thick and soft sheet mask from 100% cotton.

No Paraben, No Fragrance, No Pigment
Clinical tested 

Dermatologist tested
TYPE: Pre-moistened Sheet Mask
LIQUID FILLING: 20g / sachet
NON-WOVEN: 100% Cotton
MAIN FUNCTION: Soothing sensitive skin, Redness relief
MAIN INGREDIETN: 5 Berry Complex, Houttuynia Cordata Extract

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